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2022 Nordic growth

OBL UK has again had organic growth in 2021 with vision to do the same 2022.

New invested equipment, larger distribution networks and a dedicated customs clearance team has been a huge success to OBL and partners within the Scandinavian countries.

18 months ago, we set targets on phase 1 for Brexit, we are today tackling the new rules for phase 3 with phase 2 being introduced July 22.

Despite the challenges we are on new demands from 1st Jan 22, the aim is to service our core markets and partners so that our fleet of equipment are not held up at the borders, this allowing goods to flow between UK/EU, plus the added benefit using our deferment account for imports to UK.

We have added a further new 30 mega trailers into the fleet and increase schedules with shipping routes to less congestion at the weekends.

We will plan the next 3 months as best way possible so we can service all departments, the new changes are causing congestion at EU ports but we hear this is more so on the channel ports (Calais / Dover for example) We do see vision this will ease 1st Feb or even 1st Mar 22 when the new rules will become more normal.

We wish 2022 to be the year the Brexit procedures become the new normal.


Updated 6.1.22