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Jan-Mar 19 – Brexit rush!

Our volumes reached 70% than normal and every spare equipment we own has been used to its full capacity.

Jan 19 we noticed a increase in volume, Feb 19 was the same but volume was nearly double. Mar 19 we have seen our busiest month on record with volume running at 70% more than we are used to.

Every trailer, container and domestic truck we own has been used to its full capacity, we have never seen volume reach these levels. Every shipping line we have worked with has been full to capacity, even adding more vessels to cope with demand.

The main reason is down to Brexit, which as we are all now aware has been delayed to at least 31st Oct 19. With this phase OceanBlue, simply not. With the levels we have seen we have managed to keep the flow of traffic in the right direction for both exports and imports. Are we still ready for Brexit (should it happen), we simply are. No matter what happens we will ensure our clients and suppliers are able to work with such demands, we were all ready for a deal, no deal, any deal on the table but for now we will have to wait and see what happens.