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Brexit info January 2019

The current state of affairs in the UK political world, together with the uncertainty outcome of the Brexit negotiations it has become clear to OceanBlue that we all have to consider the real possibility of the damaging impact of a no-deal Brexit.

In a nutshell, we are unsure on what may or may-not happen.

However we have been preparing on our thought process for some time with investments in customs software, customs badges for the majority of UK ports, including some main ports we use on a daily basis.

A no-deal scenario will no doubt cause all logistics partners and operators delays and uncertain problems with moving goods between the UK and the EU. It looks like the British government are set to make talks happen Tuesday 15th January 2019. Hopefully we will be able to set out a better plans moving from this date on-wards.

Based on an agreement with the current deal will mean better planning for our business, clients and suppliers. A no deal scenario would create some difficult unwanted headaches, but our group will do everything possible to provide working solutions.

So, happy new year to everyone! Myself and all the team at OceanBlue hope that the UK Government and the EU will find some urgent solutions to avoid a no-deal scenario.

Daniel Morrison

Jan 2019