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Brexit planning

Deal/no deal/no Brexit, we are all still very unclear. The British Government are not giving accurate details on what will or will not happen. Therefore we have to plan on the event of a no deal.

Brexit planning has been somewhat demanding this year. OceanBlue already run services to Non-EU countries so our vision is to mirror what we do on that basis for import and exports to other current EU countries. We have all the customs knowledge and infrastructure, however we do need accurate information from HMRC/UK Government to be 100% clear on what we will need to do. This is in order for OceanBlue to give the correct details (as today, that information is not available)

We plan to complete a template when booking jobs to OceanBlue, the template will outline what is needed to prepare us to complete the export and import clearance. The form will be quick and simple to complete, this will be available once we are a little more clear the correct new procedures.

A few little things we can suggest to UK clients/suppliers and forwarders can be=

1/ TSP – Transitional Simplified Procedures

What is TSP:-

TSP was announced February 2019, in time for the first planned departure date 31.3.19. Transitional Simplified Procedures is a solution designed to make it easier for goods to be imported from the EU if the UK leaves without a Brexit deal on the 31st October 2019. This procedure is designed for transport to move freely and stops goods getting stuck at the border, or being held at the border until VAT/DUTY is paid before delivery of goods.

What does it do:-

TSP allows a registered UK importer to lodge a simplified custom declaration to clear goods arriving from the EU. Goods flow freely, as the Importer is only required to make a full (supplementary) Import declaration at a later date, by the end of the fourth working day of the following month. Payment of any VAT/DUTY is deferred too which will be payable monthly. The proposed new procedures are intended to ease the headache for businesses importing goods through certain ports and it is advised by HMRC that TSP is applied for in preparation for a no deal scenario.

How do companies Register:-

The registration criteria is as follows, companies need to be:-

What should companies do:-

TSP application costs nothing and is quick and simple and can only be created by UK shippers both exporting and importing. This is something a forwarder cannot do on your behalf. 

2/ Become EORI registered (EORI is a digital VAT number)

Register for an EORI number, this again is quick and easy using the link to register:- 

The application has to be done direct and cannot be done by a forwarder.

Updated 5.10.19