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Brexit updated August 2020

Updated information for UK/Overseas clients/suppliers and forwarders.

OceanBlue officially will have our Brexit website live November 2020, we currently have 20 pages of information in which we are going to try and narrow down to ensure it’s as simple as possible. Although lots of stages we are as follows:-

Our company already have clearances in line and set up prior to Brexit and Brexit ready, OceanBlue can clear goods in all UK ports for international exports or imports.

We are opening a new office under our umbrella to specialize in the flow of clearances and the surge of demand for all volumes. Our clearance office will be called OBC24/7 – OceanBlue Clearances 24/7 and will be open 1st December 2020 getting geared up for all planning ready for post Brexit. The aim is to quickly service documentation and help with the speed of goods in between the ports. With international logistics forever on the go our new office will be open for business 24 hours a day seven days a week managed by a team dedicated for everyone.

U K  –  S C A N D I N A V I A N   (Acting as trailer/container operators)

Clear goods for export/imports using the ports of:-

  • Immingham
  • Teesport
  • Hull
  • Tilbury

For exports to Scandinavian our overseas agents will then process the import clearance directly with the buyers. Import to UK, OceanBlue will process the import clearances directly with the buyers or forwarder if involved.

 U K  –  W O R L D W I D E  (Acting as a freight forwarder)

Other worldwide destinations we can clear goods through our circles of ports we use, due to the full nature and different ports as stands we are 100% confident all demands can be met.

O C E A N B L U E  L O G I S T I C S  L I M I T E D  (Acting as a customs broker)

We are also offering services to clear the goods for 3rd party UK + overseas clients / 3rd party UK hauliers + other supply chains / UK + overseas freight forwarders. We have a team ready to develop/adapt to what is needed.

It’s to be made aware:-

OceanBlue will be a data in-putter into UK customs from the information we are provided. We cannot make up values/HS codes or VAT numbers, all this information must be provided for us to enter the clearances correctly. This is quite an important part of being able to meet with demands from HMRC. In addition please use the below link for some quick information which is going to be needed:-

Brexit planning

At these stages there are lots of in-different questions on the tooling of all the motion around clearances, the information above is how we currently see the vision from our point of view.

Updated August 2020

Daniel Morrison / Director