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Our team at OceanBlue can offer guidance and help with the changes with BREXIT and the new clearance procedures.

CPC – Customs Procedure Code

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CPC codes identify the shipment procedure on the customs declaration.

The general main CPC codes are: –

Exports: CPC code Meaning
1000001 Permanent export
2300000 Temporary export
3151000 Re exporter goods as IPR


Imports: CPC code Meaning
4000000 Permanent import
6123F01 Return goods
5100000 IPR (Temporary import) – Importer with their own IPR number
5100001 IPR (Temporary import) – Importer without IPR number
4000C01 Transferred residency for personal effects
4000C30 Sample goods used as a one-off import

However, there are a vast amount more CPC codes so exporters and importers need to understand what CPC is required for your shipment when exporting or importing.