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Our team at OceanBlue can offer guidance and help with the changes with BREXIT and the new clearance procedures.

Tariff numbers are vital to describe the goods you buy or sell.

The search can start here: –

Some tariff numbers require supplementary units for example: –

Tariff number: – 5701109000
Goods: – Carpet made from wool or fine animal hair
Supplementary unit: – m2 of the shipment
What you need to add to your paperwork: square metres/m2 (supplementary unit)

The tariff number states individual units where required so it’s good to understand that these
are also to be added to your invoices and or packing lists. This allows us to complete
a correct clearance.

Further additional information if the tariff number requires a licence, we will need to know if the selected
goods and tariff require a licence. This information will be selected on the tariff website listed on the above link
as well.