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OceanBlue paired with East Trans takes our Scandinavian activities to record demands. After growth 2020 compared to 2019 we are again pleased to report solid commitment in between our UK and Scandinavian fleets. August through to September we announced growth for all markets between our Nordic friends and October looks to set to break all […]

Please be aware some last minute changes via the shipping line as 31.8.20. Week 36 Cancelled vessel Wed 2.9.20 + Sat 5.9.20 Week 37 Cancelled vessel Thur 10.9.20 This is due to a vessel breakdown early week 36 resulting in some last minutes charges to the export schedule. Despite changes we will try and limit […]

With COVID-19 taking its toll, OceanBlue takes stride adding volumes to demanding markets. 12 weeks after lock down our volumes have shown ups and downs, looking ahead we are seeing more demand on our UK-Scandinavian/European trailer activities. Our trailer fleet has increased 15% and the option for UK traction via our UK partner East Trans […]

Please be aware our Scandinavian friends will celebrate mid-summer 2020 as follows: Finland/Sweden – Off 19th June (some companies will be closed 18th also) Swedish mid-week departures will be subject to demand leaving UK 16/17th due to limited availability on distribution. This does not affect Denmark/Norway Updated June 2020  

As pictured a Swedish unit loaded for its trip to the UK. The freight is part of new cooling systems designed for a new HQ system for a internet giant. We have used the full height of the trailer and shipped the cargo with the roof open due to the maximum height of the cargo […]

Our Nordic friends will take some extra bank holidays than usual May 2020, please we aware the following countries will be closed:- Sweden/Finland/Norway/Iceland:- Closed Friday 1st May, Thursday 21st May (some company’s will be closed Wednesday and Friday) Denmark:- Closed 8th May, Thursday 21st May (again some company’s will be closed early) Also bear in […]

Please make note of the sailings for the next 3 weeks (weeks 15-16-17) mainly due to Easter and limited volumes due to Covid-19 Week 15-17 schedule will be:- Exports to SW – 3 sailings  Wed 0500 – Thur 0500 – Sat 12 noon Imports to UK – 3 sailings Tue 2000 – Thur 2000 – […]

Current information (COVID-19)

ATTN Clients/Suppliers RE:- COVID-19. We are receiving a growing number of requests in reference to information about our preparations. Currently OceanBlue is following UK government guidance and advise all our employees the same. UK and international hauliers we are working with in regards to current site rules we urge them to follow accordingly (there are […]

Updated weather (UK-SWEDEN) Please be advised that due to adverse weather conditions there have been vessels cancelled between Sweden and the UK. There will be no departure from Sweden 18th as the vessel that should have left on Saturday will only leave today. There will be no departure from Immingham 19th as well. This also means […]

Adverse Weather affecting services in the North Sea

We regret to advise that the majority of shipping lines currently in the north sea, will be affected by adverse weather conditions this coming weekend (8/9th Feb) The disruption may result in port congestion and slow arrival/departures in the ports both in UK and overseas. Main concern we can report will be = UK-SWEDEN UK-FINLAND […]