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Easter Schedule 2021

Our current Easter schedule for weeks 13 + 14 will be:-

Week 13

Collections Monday – Thursday to consolidate Fri 2/4/21 / Shipping Sat/Sun

Week 14

Collections Tuesday – Friday to consolidate Sat 10/4/21/  Shipping Sat/Sun

Anything out of these dates we can arrange at an agreed price. We expect weeks 13/14 to be at maximum capacity due to the short working days, the shipping lines are already warning ahead to ensure full availability. In addition we face limited trucking abilities due to Brexit and slow clearance times turning equipment around.

Please also be aware a-lot of overseas importers will be closed early, some Scandinavian countries especially =

Norway close mid day 31/1st – back 6th

Sweden/Denmark/Finland closed mid day 1st – back 6th

For further correspondence please contact a member of our team.

Updated 17.3.21