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Finnish vessel delays

Our consolidation line we use has had severe engine failure whilst in transit in the North Sea on Tuesday 10/9 and as a further impact the departure is not back running until 22/9.

The delays have caused a few changes on what we will do, the update as 13/9 will be:-

Week 36 export is delayed by approx 72 hours. (new arrival Helsinki quay 16th)

Week 37 export will only leave UK approx 16/17th Sept and is also behind schedule, again approx 72 hours due to using a different route (Arrival Helsinki quay 23/24th)

Week 38 export we hope that the schedule will be back to normal leaving 22/9 (Arrival Helsinki 25th)

The delays were not expected so OceanBlue UK + OceanBlue FI have had to re-route the schedule the best way possible.

Updated 13/9/19