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General capacity and distribution issues

We stand as strong as we can, despite what we are reading in the news about worldwide logistics infrastructure and lack of HGV drivers, these are all common problems facing the UK market.

This is affecting every supply chain, more so on trailer and container movements. The UK is struggling with the fleet of less drivers, we are seeing imports to the UK are growing, whilst exports from UK back are slowing.

We reserve ourselves with a very strong position, but where we stand today we are noticing cracks in departure schedules and a serious shortage of drivers within the UK, the balance of containers and trailers is getting more common and vessels are getting fully booked without any easy alternatives. Shipping from the UK via the EU across different borders is also creating more paperwork challenges and extra delays which we try and limit.

Although we are managing as best we can, we are seeing slower transit that usual and a lack of flexible availability what we have been used to before, shortage of equipment, shortage of drivers, slowing our supply chain across the board.

Please bear with our team, we are trying our level best in these difficult times ahead.

Daniel Morrison

Managing Director – OceanBlue Head Office 16.9.21