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Making sense of the rapid uncertainty within Brexit

Following our Brexit insight posted on our website 9th Jan, the situation is still unclear. As the deadline looms, 29th March 2019 we need to consider the possible effects of the UK leaving the UK without an agreement, which as stands is what our government calls “no deal exit”

If the UK leaves the EU without an agreement, the WTO (World Trade Organisation) route may become the rule which means UK businesses will have no option buy to apply customs excise and VAT processes with goods traded with the EU. Our company realizes this is going to be an up-hill battle from the off, and we understand that our clients need to plan forward to introduce their own contingency plans should this happen.

“What actions do clients need to apply to keep trading with the EU, in the event on a no deal exit”

Number 1:- Ensure you have a EORI number, if you don’t haver this in place then you can apply free of charge by visiting this website =

Number 2:- Review the size of your DUTY/VAT deferment accounts. With the added use for importing from EU, can your current accounts handle the extra input. OceanBlue can offer a deferment service, this will incur extra costs if needed.

Number 3:- Make sure you get the right UN customs codes for the nature of the goods, for both exports and more importantly imports. This information will be critical and required if customs documents are completed. You can use a website for guidance =

Number 4:- Issue an authority for OceanBlue Logistics Limited to act as a direct customs link to represent (This will allow us to complete paperwork on your behalf, if you wish us to do it this way) Should this be a route you take then we will submit further information when necessary.

Number 5:- OceanBlue will require a lot of information to complete customs documents, please ensure you are aware that we will need the following. 1 Exporters full name + address including VAT Number. 2 Importers full name and address. 3 Importers VAT + Deferment number, including contact name, telephone and email. 4 Correct description of goods. 5 Value of goods (correct currency) 6 Commodity codes, broken down with gross + nett weights (if more than one code being declared) 7 Packing specs. 8 Country of origin 9 Incoterms 10 EORI number.

“What our team is doing to ensure the smoothest process and movement of cargo”

In the event of a no deal exit, we know this is going to challenge us all. We have invested in software to allow electronic customs preparations to be done in all UK offices. Once the outcome is more clear and known, we will provide the best steps possible to ensure business will continue to trade with the EU and our transport supply chain is ready. We are here to help and will be willing to provide best guidance where we can, in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact us via email if you have any more questions. Brexit email =

Until such time.

OceanBlue Team

9th Feb 19