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Nordic Xmas Schedule 2021

Our current sailing schedule for the Nordics leading up-to Christmas & New Year:-

For deliveries before Xmas, due to the nature of Brexit we recommend all export/import are shipped in week 49 or before.

Week 50 (exports)

Sweden shipping 14/15/16/17/18/19th Dec

Denmark shipping 15/18th Dec (Consolidation) – 14/15/16/17/18/19th Dec (Full loads)

Norway shipping 15/17/18th Dec

Finland shipping 16/18th Dec

Week 50 (imports)

Sweden shipping 14/15/16/17th Dec

Denmark/Norway shipping 15/18th Dec (Consolidation) – 14/15/16/17/18/19th Dec (Full loads)

Finland shipping 16th Dec

Week 51 (exports)

Sweden shipping 21/22/23/25th Dec

Denmark shipping 22/25th Dec

Norway shipping 22/24/25th Dec

Finland shipping 23/26th Dec

Week 51 (imports)

Sweden shipping 21/22/23rd

Norway/Finland/Denmark on request

Week 52 + 53 (exports/imports)

There are sailings available at request / agreed rates.

** Please be aware that UK/Overseas deliveries shipping in week 50/51 will only happen when clients are open, clearances are completed and inland domestic delivery trucks are available. If anything more time critical is required please ask the team and we will look at possible options.**

Subject to change in the event of weather conditions or cancelled vessels.

Our next planned 2022 sailing will be Sat 8th Jan.