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Post Brexit “Mayhem” / Service disruption

Its been classed as the biggest disaster in our industry, OceanBlue completely agrees. Post Brexit its now very clear HMRC cannot cope with questions on customs activity, let alone our EU trading partners and their supply chain.

Despite efforts, we are managing to trade as normal but with limited availability, furthermore the aspect of every supply chain is suffering with poor documentation causing delays, unwanted administration and endless amount of extra data for international shipping.

Whilst these new challenges are with us, we are seeing a major disadvantage in slow transit especially on consolidation trailers. We personally feel this will take more time to get things working 100%, but what used to be regular transit, now seem a thing of the past.

Our team are getting things done, we are seeing some positives as well.

Please bear with our industry and supply chain, we will get there in good time (we hope)

Updated 22.1.2021