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Sweden port conflict (again) and cancelled sailings

We have been informed again about port conflict which is going to affect weeks 8, 9 and 10 for export and import units in Gothenburg Sweden. Also the shipping line has cancelled sailings already for week 8.

Please be aware that the alerts from the Swedish Harbour Union will take action with “strikes” and “lockouts” as listed below.


Sunday Strike 17.2.19 between 1400/1800 + Lockout 17.2.19 between 1400/2359

Monday Strike 18.2.19 between 0445/0845 + Lockout 18.2.19 between 0445/2359

Tuesday Strike 19.2.19 between 1300/1600 + Lockout 19.2.19 between 1300/2359


Friday Lockout  22.2.19 between 0445/2359


Thursday Lockout 27.2.19 between 1300/2359

This is going to affect our RO RO transport working times to collect/deliver trailers to/from the port of Gothenburg, especially Monday 18.2.19. We expect the shipping lines to change and cancel sailings to accommodate these timing issues, we will do our best to make sure transit is not affected. Our consolidation service is going to me affected the most so please be aware of these difficult restrictions coming up.

We are already aware that there are cancelled sailings as follows:-

Saturday 16.2.19 cancelled sailing

Sunday 17.2.19 limited capacity

Monday 18.2.19 limited capacity

Tuesday 19.2.19 cancelled sailing (proposed)

Wednesday 20.2.19 cancelled sailing (proposed)

Updated 12th Feb 19