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Swedish strikes are off!

We are please to inform you that the strikes in “all” Swedish ports has been cancelled with immediate effect. There will be a back-log of trailers between Immingham/Gothenburg which will take 24/48 hours to get back to full speed. Hopefully this will quickly resolve itself and OceanBlue will be back normal despite some set-backs in the last few days.

Updated schedule for departures on the north sea ex Immingham (weeks 9-15) =

Tuesday 0300hrs arrival Gothenburg Wednesday 0800hrs

Wednesday 0500hrs arrival Gothenburg Thursday 0800hrs

Thursday 0500hrs arrival Gothenburg Friday 0800hrs

Friday 0500hrs arrival Gothenburg Saturday 1100hrs

Saturday 1200hrs arrival Gothenburg Sunday 1600hrs

Sunday 0500hrs arrival Gothenburg Tuesday 0800hrs

Any more information please keep ask a member of our team.

Well done Sweden, Lets now hope the UK cancels Brexit.

Updated 6.3.19