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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

For OceanBlue Logistics Terms & Conditions please refer to BIFA. Click here to view current Terms & Conditions

Liability & Insurance

All and any business undertaken by OceanBlue Logistics Limited is transacted under our Standard Trading Conditions as laid down by the British International Freight Association (BIFA 2005a). A copy of these Conditions is available upon request.

We draw your attention to the very important points:

We insure our liability under these Trading Conditions only and this insurance can be called upon only where our liability has been established.

We strongly recommend that customers have full value, all risks insurance in place before any shipment leaves their premises.

In order to prevent damage to your shipments we suggest that the following simple steps are taken:

  • Make sure that all cargo is sufficiently packed for export by road, sea or air.
  • Make sure all cargo is correctly marked and labelled.
  • Make sure that the shipping marks are clearly shown on all documentation.
  • Ensure that the correct number of packages, weights and dimensions are declared to us.

We are happy to provide competitive cargo insurance cover.