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Updated Brexit phase 2 + 3 (Import ant new procedures)

We are 9 months into Brexit and its changes for moving international goods. We are entering new UK procedures 1st October 2021 and again 1st January 2022.

Phase 2 starts 1.10.21 PLEASE NOTE YET AGAIN NEW CHANGES ******************* As per information from the UK government 14.9.21, (virtually everything) on phase 2 has been put back until 1 July 2022 , up-dated on our website 16.9.21 ********************

This will mean certain goods, mainly including “some” Organic products, Foods, Animal origin goods, Plants products which will require additional checks when importing from EU into UK. These changes will require certificates to be completed by the EU exporters and UK importers. It appears that the majority of these checks will be “paper checks” rather than physical checks due to the lack of infrastructure to manually check cargo in between borders. The main focus is that paperwork is produced correctly so its creates less friction whilst goods are being transported into the UK. This paperwork is known as export certificate, or also known as a veterinary health certificate, these will be new documents which will have to be completed/signed so that it allows movement of goods.

For guidance please visit:-

Phase 3 starts 1.1.22 ** Important new changes, this will NOT be delayed **

Between 1.1.21 to 31.1.21 imports to the UK have been allowed to travel as normal and import clearance can be made 6 months after arrival UK, this has given a lot of flexibility on transport and infrastructure, however as Jan 1st 22 that will stop. All imports to EU will require full clearances done and monies paid at the borders, equipment cannot be moved unless this is completed. Possibilities as well for more physical checks on all goods at UK ports. A lot of these changes will require some safe guarding by OceanBlue Logistics Limited, whilst we have been successful presenting plans, we do see from 1st Jan 2022 to be an extra difficult change. We have implemented some new procedures to help our clients and more importantly keep trailers moving not to slow transit times and schedules.

PVA (Postponed Vat Accounting) will continue from 1.1.22

Clearances will be presented and arranged by OceanBlue team so that we can ensure quick movement on trailers, especially consolidation units.

We have a deferment account set with immediate increased funding if we need to up limits (deferment fees will apply) – We see if PVA continues it’s only for DUTY payable to be used on our deferment and if some UK clients are not VAT/EORI registered it can be used for this scenario as well. The deferment account means any monies due, we can defer them to our account to get goods moved from Borders, this will allow less delays and port charges if we are holding up clearances awaiting for monies to be paid by UK importers, this is a clear advantage we see to assist UK clients who do not have this in place.

Please be aware of these new changes, this has already been put back by the Government so we do not see them delaying again.

Updated 11/9/2021