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Updated information (COVID-19) – 24.3.20

Our group is working to government guidelines to help and ensure the safety of all our team, clients and suppliers. So as today we are continuing with business.

Currently today (Tue 17.3.20) we are please to report that the latest restrictions on European borders are not relating to movements of freight, therefore this is not affecting international departures. Ocean Blue will continue to move freight in line with our schedules, offering best options possible.

We can also offer dedicated trucks with quicker routes and transit if needed at any one time.

Although there are daily changes we will continue to monitor the events of transport both internationally and within the UK.

Updated 17.3.20


Further update 19.3.20

The OceanBlue group are still fully operating, but we wish to inform you that there are daily changes which may affect the standard procedure of consolidation / full movements with changes we are anticipating:-

  • Shortage of drivers and equipment
  • Longer transit especially on consolidation movements
  • Extra cost on wasted collection/deliveries due to the nature of exporters/importers are suddenly closed
  • Extra costs on change of routes and returning goods to origin.

We will do our best to keep all informed of delays with these unforeseen times, if any more information is needed please speak to a member of our team.


Further update 20.3.20

Please be aware of increasing information:

UK Exports

As expected at the time we are delivering goods direct to the consignee and they are closed, or unable to accept the cargo, its coming more likely that the goods are required to come back to a local oversea depot, or returned to origin. This will incur additional transport costs so please be aware. Currently we are able to offer storage short term on your behalf but due to demand this is getting more tight for space, or if required we can return goods to the UK. Short term storage at the minute we believe is going to be the best and cheapest option unit we get back to normal operating procedures.

UK Imports

Like the same scenario above we can help where possible. In the event of a temporary lockdown by UK Government whilst shipments are in transit in the UK, we can offer to hold these shipments at our Stallingborough/Bradford warehouse and re-arrange delivery once the situation is more clear.

** Please note, any ADR cargo we recommend is delivered without fail as we don’t want to store ADR cargo whilst we go through these changes of usual procedure/transit **


Further update 24.3.20

RE Boris Johnson comments 23.3.20

Things are changing day by day, we are seeing volumes drop and less availability. OceanBlue team are part working from home and in a rota system from all UK offices under the current government rules.

Its important to stay in touch as we have a vast amount of collections and deliveries in our care, please let us know if you are not going to be open, we will of course do our best to accommodate.

Moving forward this week, we are working, please email your contacts as normal we will reply ASAP.

In these unforeseen times, we wish everyone to stay safe and healthy.