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Our team at OceanBlue can offer guidance and help with the changes with BREXIT and the new clearance procedures.

There will be 3 phases introduced by the UK Government: –

Phase 1 – Jan 1st 2021

All international exports from UK will need to be customs cleared when departing the UK border and entering the EU destination country. UK buyers importing general goods will have up to 6 months to complete customs declarations and pay import duty. (These first 3 months will be relaxed for standard clearance procedures).

Phase 2 – April 1st 2021

UK buyers importing other types of cargo from the EU will require pre-notification and relevant health documents. These types of goods will refer to: – Meat, Dairy products, Plants, Animal foods. (These are important changes for new paperwork required for various types of goods and we will start to see stricter checks and updates on clearances)

Phase 3 – July 1st 2021

UK buyers importing all goods from the EU will require to make full import clearances (all declarations) and pay import tariffs at the point of importation. Full security, checks will be introduced (variation of all products will be increased as general physical checks takes place including samples of goods) – (Full clearances in flow for exports and imports).

We have set out some general guidelines to help on the new rules taking place.

Below tabs are examples of what will be required and a general guide to help our suppliers and clients understand what types of requirements we will need to help our team complete customs clearances on your behalf?

It’s important to get this right to save time for every individual clearance we will make, we already complete a vast number of clearances daily so the key factor is getting the paperwork correct so that we are not delaying clearances at the border which then delays the transit time.

OceanBlue will act as a broker in which we can assist with completing clearances, but and in guidance with HMRC, this means OceanBlue will be the data inputter from the information we are provided, and we will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions. Also note every clearance is different, and its information provided, linked via HMRC vastly changes daily.

To help we have a team dedicated for export and import clearances at our head office in Laceby managed by Gavin Legg. We will man, the department 24/7 so any question and help needed out of normal working house we will be here to assist, this also includes weekends if any clearances need completing.

Our Bradford office can make clearances where needed, Airdrie and Hull office will be handled via Laceby office.

To complete clearances we will need:

  • Shipping  invoices and Packing Lists (or just shipping invoices if that is all you needed) Invoices will need all the information on our examples.
  • Exporter or Importer will need to sign our direct representation form
  • All the information is on the below links to guide you where to search

Our support team contact details will be:

Laceby Head Office (Available 24/7)


Contacts (Gavin Legg/Sam Dennis/Zoe Birch)

Telephone 0900/1700

(+44) 1472 878514

Mobile 24/7

(+44) 7943 040934

Email 24/7

Bradford Branch Office


Contacts (Charlotte Burns/Chris Littlewood)

Telephone 0900/1700

(+44) 1274 607 067

Email 24/7